Swanbay.tv can show your branding on an entire channel, mix and match video and banners adverts, even show your product videos in their own section.

Brand Banners

  • Help you show your brand to millions of users while they search for their favourite videos.

Click -Through Banners

  • Send your customers to your mobile site. Put your message on the banners and users can simply click them and be taken to special offers e.g. discounts and sales.

Click-To-Call Banners

  • Lets customers call you directly from the banner ad giving you live leads all day long.

Pre-Roll Adverts

  • Lets you show your advertisements before the main video.

What sets us apart

  • A unique service that features Advertising, Subscription Billing, Video Streaming and Downloads on Mobile – resulting in an easy one-stop deployment.
  • Scalable cloud technology.
  • Online live reporting system that tracks every single view or stream and can be accessed 24/7.
  • Contracts with English Premier League Clubs, Bollywood, music, news, content suppliers