Customer engagement is crucial in cultivating a healthy relationship

By Angelica | October 30, 2014

Customer engagement is crucial in cultivating a healthy relationship with the customer. Building a good connection through effective communication fosters trust, loyalty, and gain important insight to customer preferences.

Technology has provided us with the means to find better ways to communicate with our customers. It is not anymore a question of when but how. We all have the means to talk and engage, it’s just a matter of looking for the right fit or in this case, the perfect digital fit.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter are online platforms that enable businesses to interact with customers directly. Businesses can write updates posting a new product feature and directly ask customers what they think about it. Facebook has its “Likes” and Twitter has it “RT” or Retweets, simple indicators of a product’s popularity but not the sole measure of recognition or acceptance in a social media context. Comments from customers can be used for future product improvements as well as starting points for market research.

Mobile devices are everywhere so why not take advantage of it being with the customer almost all the time? Smartphone use is on the rise and with it apps which can be customised to serve markets that access more information through their mobile phones. Opting-in is key to this kind of engagement. In most instances, businesses need the permission of customers to contact them through their mobile phones. Once this hurdle is passed, be it through SMS or Push Messages from apps, businesses can talk directly to customers and inform them of new marketing campaigns or of new products in the pipeline. Campaign management systems can also help businesses customise messages for each customer and make the experience more personal and friendlier.

Engagement helps businesses grow and improve customer relationship management. It can also help businesses build wonderful online and mobile experiences to bring them closer to their customers.