Do you want a new audience for your Music Videos, Sport Highlights, Blog, Recipes or new Film?

  • If you have quality, exclusive, premium content - videos, images, news, blogs - what do you do with it? How do you reach the widest audience, and get paid or your efforts?
  • Well, you could put the videos on YouTube, and take a (small) share of the advertising revenue. The images on Instagram, the news on Twitter and the blogs on Wordpress (again with advertising). Now you have several different accounts to manage & monitor, and no control over the audience or the revenue.
  • Or, you could pay a web developer to create a website for you, pay to host it and pay again to promote it. Results not guaranteed and it won't reach many mobile users.

What sets us apart

  • We offer a better solution - your own web site, for PC & laptop users, your own mobile site which supports tablets, smartphones AND feature phones (still in use by billions worldwide), Apps for smartphone users and billing in 95 countries for your premium content - subscription, pay per item, pay per download - you choose.
  • You can have quizzes, competitions and special offers, and can sell your own products (physical & digital) directly from the site. We also promote your offers in your target markets, guarantee to provide an agreed number of 'hits', host your site and provide support & reporting. There are no extras to pay.
  • You just pay us an agreed amount per month.
  • We have billing arrangements with 95 Mobile Operators worldwide, with more being added. So, if you have exclusive, premium content, we can ensure you get paid what its worth.