Syniverse supports swanbay.tv with mobile marketing campaigns for global sports fans

TAMPA, Fla. – June 25, 2014 - Syniverse today announced that swanbay.tv , a U.K.-based mobile video service provider, has selected Syniverse to support the rollout of its mobile marketing services to promote its content distribution to customers overseas. Through Syniverse’s direct connections with more than 1,000 mobile service providers around the world, swanbay.tv will be able to better support its customers’ objectives to engage mobile-user audiences, wherever they are in the world, using the Syniverse Campaign Management solution.

Mobile – Social – Location Campaigns Blasts / Alerts - Send text messages to opt-in users. Keep customers informed of promotions, offers & events. All campaigns can be scheduled in advance.

Keywords, Text for Info-on-Demand - Provide information via Custom Keywords. Capture opt-in users for future message blasts. Capture emails with Email Capture to build your email list.

Geo-Fence (Requires additional location query charges) - This campaign type allows the designer to define geo-fences around locations of interest. A geo-fence is typically defined as a location (address or lat/long) and a radius around this location. When a subscriber enters into a configured geo-fence, they will be sent an SMS containing the content that the campaign designer configured.

Redeemable Coupons and Loyalty Programs - Distribute coupons redeemable by potential customers who have opted-in to receive your promotions. Include promotional codes for additional tracking through the API and Reports. Unique, one-time use coupons further provide controls over campaigns.

Contests, Sweepstakes, Trivia & Gamification - Manage all of your social, email, mobile contests and sweepstakes from one location. Follow social, email, mobile analytics in one management tool.

Text-to-Win - Enable potential users to text in a special keyword to instantly enter to win a prize.

Text-to-Vote - Have interested customers text and vote on a topic. Real-time graphs show instant results. Create new lists based on their votes for additional targeting opportunities.

QR Codes - Use auto-generated QR Codes to drive people to content with relative ease. Using an App on their smartphone, customers snap a picture of the barcode.

MMS Delivery - Deliver rich content to customers with MMS and mobile downloads. Complete Carrier- grade MMS is available when the short code is provisioned with this feature.

Surveys & Post to Live Screen - Engage users with voting, polling and survey tools. You can also post results instantaneously from mobile or social polls “live” with Post to Screen.

Contests – Trivia – Vote - Let users have fun engaging with your brand through: Contests, Trivia, Voting, Text2Win and giving feedback via surveys.

Event Marketing - Activate tradeshow and event marketing through the blend of mobile engagement, including event updates and promotions to opt-in users, Onscreen Response, Text2Screen, Vote2Screen and Surveys.

Social Posting - Access and update all of your social identities in one location. Create custom posting for each social tool. Tag, Search, Schedule and Store posting with Social archiving.

Social Manager - Create custom campaigns to post into social with polls, coupons, trivia, surveys and contests. Including Text2Pin2Buy with watermarking.

Social Apps - Custom apps include targeted alerts, campaign promotion, buying direct from Facebook and collecting user preferences based on social behaviour.

Social Data & Analytics - Collect, organise and analyse all social campaign data to understand engagement and build better strategies.

Share Mobile into Social - Allow customers to share this experience with their extended social network. Reach new potential clients by simply adding social sharing to any mobile campaign.

Post into Social - Let users easily join your cause or purchase goods through text or social.

Location-based Lookups (LBS) and Data - Understand users’ preference and behaviour around specific locations. Using Geo-fencing, target users in a given location based on real time data. Allow consumers to text in to find the closest physical location to their exact address, making it easier to find banks, gas stations, retails stores, coffee shops, etc.

Geo Targeted Campaigns and LBS Couponing - Setup LBS campaigns and coupons by creating geo-fences around your business locations so when a customer is nearby they receive a relevant notification encouraging them to visit your location nearby.

Triggered Lookups, Alerts & Verification - Triggered lookups allow customers to opt into alerts, where they can receive mobile notifications if their credit card, loyalty card, or other personal tools are used in locations that are not in a given range of their mobile device. This is great for detecting fraud and keeping customers safe.

Reporting and Analytics - Leading reports and analytics for business value and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty across mobile, social and location-based campaigns. Extensive user, groups, and administrative reporting included.

Text Alerts & Notifications - SEND ALERTS or PASSES VIA APPLE’S iOS8 APP - Send confirmations via mobile SMS or with Passbook to allow customers to check-in for an event, send reminders, alerts about changes, and redemptions.

Email Integration & Widgets - Capture users’ information by allowing users to input numbers via email and web. Once they are opted in, you can send targeted alerts 24/7.

Website Widget - Use the included Web Widget to build a list and have customers sign up directly. Through the MMC API, enable website forms that capture and build a mobile list of opt-in users who sign up for the service.