Swanbay Mobile Engagement

Be in the moment and open new channels to engage with your customer

Swanbay, along with its partner Syniverse, can now help you engage with customers through their mobile phones. Our Mobile Engagement Platform allows enterprises and organizations like you to create mobile marketing campaigns end enjoy the benefits of marketing on a whole new channel.

Benefits of Mobile Engagement

  • Faster 2 way communication with your customers with SMS and Apps that we can build for you
  • Generate new leads and target specific markets as we help you develop a mobile marketing strategy that works for you
  • Engage customers in their context/environment – be in the moment when they make purchasing decisions and help along the purchasing process by providing important product information and discounts with our location based services

Mobile engagement is part of the solution to break down barriers and be closer to your customer. We will be with you in every step of the way and help you develop your mobile engagement strategy with our tailored mobile marketing solutions

If you are still not convinced, just look at the facts.

Mobile phones are everywhere

  • There are almost as many mobile subscriptions as people in the world (95,5 mobile phone subscriptions per 100 inhabitants) (http://www.itu.int/ict/statistics)
  • 30% of these mobile subscribers have active mobile broadband subscriptions

People turn first to their smartphones for online shopping. 65% of users surveyed by Google use their smartphones for Online Shopping.



Talk to your customers through their mobile phones. Influence the way customers shop in your stores by using the device they have with them all the time, their mobile phone.

Even at home, people still shop with their mobile phones.

Use SMS, MMS, push notifications, geolocation, custom built apps and other mobile technologies to send highly targeted messages for different customer segments. Send announcements, give special discounts and other promotions to engage and encourage purchases with your customers.

Mobile Engagement Products

Once you have your customers opt-in for mobile alerts, these are some of the products you can use in order to begin your mobile engagement strategy.


Keyword and QR Code Campaigns – promote keyword so customers can receive SMS/MMS from you about your company


Mobile Coupons and Loyalty Programs - Merchants and retailers can easily allow customers to “Show your phone and save” with mobile coupons and offers – complete with redemption and reporting.


Geofence campaigns – proximity marketing - Build a geofence around key points of purchase. When the mobile phone user enters the geofence, the user can be presented with the targeted content, coupon or promotion.


Surveys and live post-to-screen - Once a purchase is made, get immediate insights into the customer experience through quick surveys. Understand user preferences by engaging users with voting, polling and survey tools.


Mobile website and custom built apps – we will help design, build, maintain and host your database-driven mobile website and build apps for Android and Apple devices