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Swanbay Limited is an international media and technology company which provides web & mobile services for Content Owners, Advertisers and Mobile Operators across the world.
It enables content rights holders to monetise their content on its multi-currency, multi-channel billing and payment platform, for delivery to the end-user online and on mobiles worldwide.

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Services We Offer

Bespoke Video Highlight Platform

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Bespoke Video Highlight Platform


  • Simple and innovative, every fan sees just what they want
  • Plug & play, simple to integrate
  • Real fan engagement
  • Revenue generative
  • Superb sponsorship opportunities
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Bespoke Video Highlight Platform


  • Follow your favourite player, game by game or season to date
  • Target overseas territories with local players
  • Automatically update weekly latest action
  • Simple subscription model, low monthly fee
  • Geo target sponsorship activations
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Bespoke Video Highlight Platform


Radically reduce the time it takes to find, edit & produce sports content ​

  • Efficient automatic editing and video creation
  • Find specific events and player action in seconds
  • Unlock your archive for your content team
  • Increase content creation and engagement
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Services We Offer


We'll gather together all your social media output - videos, blogs, tweets, news, images - whatever you have - to make 'Your Story' and put them in our ecosystem. We'll then help you build your own Fan Club.

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Services We Offer


We promote your content to all Internet users around the world - not just on PCs, tablets & smartphones, but on feature phones too. Feature phones are the only way many people can access the Internet in many countries.

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Services We Offer

Mobile Network Operators

Provide premium content to your subscribers - reduce churn & increase ARPU.

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Services We Offer


Promote your products & services by advertising alongside relevant content - even your own!

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Converting client ideas & empowering them with our expertise in a wide spectrum of tools and technologies, we are well equipped to provide you with our best of IT Services and Technology Solutions

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The Swanbay ecosystem includes a comprehensive, near real-time reporting system which allows you to check on the popularity of your content whenever you wish. You can promote content, hide it, delete it and see the effect of your activities.


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An international media and technology company which provides web & mobile services for content owners, advertisers and mobile operators across the world.

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