Swanbay Limited is an international media and technology company which provides web & mobile services for Content Owners, Advertisers and Mobile Operators across the world. It enables content rights holders to monetise their content on its multi-currency, multi-channel billing and payment platform, for delivery to the end-user online and on mobiles worldwide. Brands and advertisers can market to interested consumers in all territories by embedding video and banner adverts into the content. Content owners have a whole new audience for their digital assets. The platform also enables mobile network operators worldwide to provide premium digital content to their subscribers, reducing churn and retaining loyalty.


Steve O’Meara

Chief Executive Officer

22 years within the IT industry. Sales and general management experience working in EMEA and US. He built the IBM division at Morse.

Duncan McIntyre

Key Investor and Advisory Chairman

An entrepreneurial and dynamic business leader, Duncan built Morse plc and Monitise where he was Chairman. He has invested in and grown a number of other high-growth companies.

Danny Crossen

Head of Sport

With over 20 years experience in digital and mobile Danny has worked with MNO's globally and also some of the biggest sporting brands including both Manchester clubs.

Simon Hersh

Chief Financial Officer

An experienced financial manager and corporate finance specialist. Responsible for a number of company restructurings and fund raisings.

Mike Street

Chief Operations Officer

25 years’ experience in product development for major blue chip companies including BT, NCR, Prime, Mobeon and AirG.

Abhishek Kumar

Development Manager

Key skills include Linux (CentOS), Apache HTTP Server, PHP and MySQL. The main domains has has worked in include Mobile, CRM, e-commerce, Message Boards, CMS and Social Networking.