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Do You Want A New Audience For Your Music Videos, Sports Highlights, Blog, Recipes Or New Film?

If you have quality, exclusive, and premium content - videos, images, news, or blogs - what do you do with it? How do you reach the widest audience, and get paid or your efforts?

  • Either you will put the videos on YouTube, and take a (small) share of the advertising revenue. The images on Instagram, the news on Twitter and the blogs on WordPress (again with advertising). Now you have several different accounts to manage & monitor, and no control over the audience or the revenue.
  • Or, you could pay a web developer to create a website for you, pay to host it and pay again to promote it. Results not guaranteed and it won't reach many mobile users.

What Sets Us Apart

We offer a better solution

  • We provide a solution for website, for PC & laptop users, a mobile site which supports tablets, smartphones AND feature phones (still in use by billions worldwide), apps for smartphone users and billing in 95 countries for your premium content - subscription, pay per item, pay per download - you choose.
  • You can have quizzes, competitions and special offers, to promote and sell your products (physical & digital) directly from the site.
  • We do promotional marketing to target the appropriate audience for pushing product & services, we assure to provide a certain number of 'hits', site hosting followed by providing performance report.
  • Charges are fixed based on the chosen plan package
  • We have billing arrangements with 95 Mobile Operators worldwide, with more being added. So, if you have exclusive, premium content, we can ensure you get paid what it's worth.