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If you are a Mobile Network Operator, looking for new, exciting & innovative services for your deck, to offer to your customers, then contact Swanbay. Our rapidly growing range of video, blogs, news, images entertaining in a wide variety of subject areas provides a compelling offer for your subscribers. We can do joint promotions with you, provide free subscription and pay for access offers, quizzes & competitions (as allowed by the law in your country). We can co-brand the platform with you for your customers, to give them the content they want to see, and to give you additional VAS revenue.

What sets us apart

  • A unique service that features Advertising, Subscription Billing, Video Streaming and Downloads on Mobile – resulting in an easy one-stop deployment
  • Scalable cloud technology
  • An online live reporting system that tracks every single view or stream and can be accessed 24/7

Benefits for MNOs

  • New advertising propositions
  • Provide users with a new video service
  • No capital expenditure
  • Promote additional services
  • Target new demographics
  • Reduce churn
  • Increase ARPU