Swanbay.tv: Bespoke Video Highlight Platform

A single video archive driving multiple distribution and workflow enhancements

  • Open up your archive
  • Your fans on Your platform
  • Revolutionise your video usage
  • 100% device compatibility
  • Geographic targeting
  • Plug & Play suite of solutions
  • Engagement & marketing services
  • Global digital distribution
  • Simple & cost effective integration
  • Hosted & delivered
  • D2C & B2B
  • Increase content production whilst reducing costs​

Archive virtualisation & Enrichment: The heart of our service

  • Using a patented technology we put your video at the centre of your digital presence
  • Driving multiple distribution channels & enabling your fans to engage with your video on your platform
  • We provide a hub for quick and effective video consumption both by fans and editorial teams
  • Enabling your content to drive sponsorship activation like never before

Highlights+ & Player+

  • Simple and innovative, every fan sees just what they want ​
  • Plug & play, simple to integrate​
  • Real fan engagement​
  • Revenue generative​
  • Superb sponsorship opportunities​

Player Microsite

  • Follow your favourite player, game by game or season to date​
  • Target overseas territories with local players​
  • Automatically update weekly latest action​
  • Simple subscription model, low monthly fee​
  • Geo target sponsorship activations​


Radically reduce the time it takes to find, edit & produce sports content

  • By being able to instantly find specific players, actions or passages of play. With Swanbay.tv Edit+ your team of vide & editorial creatives don’t need to waste time locating action, Edit+ does it for them in seconds and compiles a clip of the searched criteria.
  • Edit+ = reduced editing costs, increased content creation & more engaging video or editorial supporting content:
  • Case studies:

Create a season highlights for Player of the year resume:

  • Existing – Minimum 1 day per player & potentially missed events​
  • Edit+ - source a players, goals, assists, blocks, tackles etc in seconds: 1 day for whole team, rest of the week off or to engage with fan feedback providing in real time other action​

Territorial partner wants their “home player” footage each game

  • Existing – hours trawling through each game each week, compiling and sending​
  • Edit+ - Automate the search, the compiled file is ready for review 12 hours after the game and with client soon after​

Editorial team want supporting content ASAP

  • Existing – get in the queue! Or I get on with X he’ll do my request sharpish, maybe a day or two wait.​
  • Edit+ - editorial team can search for specific request, e.g. penalty saves this season & review in seconds – article done and on to the next one!

Clubs Together

  • Multiple rights holders or leagues can consolidate Player+ or Highlights+ across multiple clubs​

League, Club, Federation, Broadcaster….
Our Bespoke Highlight video platform is

  • Suitable for any rightsholders
  • Works across multiple sports:
Latest BLog
  • Simple to integrate and cost effective


Danny Crossen
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Email: danny.crossen@swanbay.tv