MatchVision for Cricket

  • Create clips of any action combination
  • Instantly view a players actions from a match or across the season
  • Choose what you want to see - attacking shots, bouncers, leg spin, wickets, catches - for any match, test series or an entire season
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Every Game(s) Every Moment Every Player Every Wicket  at the Fingertips of Every Fan

Imagine being able to watch all the best bits of the Ashes or any test matches at the touch of a button, wouldn't that be awesome? But as cricket fans will attest to, an exciting match can last for a number of days and not all fans have the luxury of having the time to watch a match from start to finish, let alone an entire test. MatchVision enables you to choose what actions of the match or test you want to see, when you want to see it! Howzat!?