For Your Fans

MatchVision creates Video On Demand for ALL sports, creating a unique video service for ALL sports fans, wherever they are, whatever sport they love, on whatever device they choose, within seconds.

  • Unique Sports service giving access to archived sporting content driving the capability for personalised videos, giving the user ‘what they want, when they want it’.
  • Creation of personalised sports videos in seconds users can create their own videos which enables them to choose exactly what they want to watch when they want to watch it.
  • Access to years of archive videos MatchVision can process as much archived video as you hold, allowing access for the user not only to this season/last season, but from previous years.
  • Choose the actions whether it’s a goal, foul, basket, hole in one, whatever the sport, whatever the action MatchVision compiles a personalised video showing the user exactly what they are interested in.
  • Enables fans to save and share their personalised videos on Social Media Channels should the content owner wish, MatchVision has the capability for users to share their video creations on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. The sharing of these with their peers, is another way to encourage new subscribers to the platform, thus increasing revenues.
  • Alerting capability MatchVision can accept feeds from these social media platforms, creating alerts and updates to the user, allowing them to ‘follow’ their favorite player / club online, again enriching the fan experience all on the same platform.
  • Access to images of the fan’s favorite players / club can be provided to them as a feed which can be used as screen savers.
  • News content Content of interest about the player/club can be provided to them as a ‘news feed’ which generally consists of text with optional image(s).
  • Additional Features Other features include the ability for a fan to ‘comment’ and reply to other’s comments, this creates and encourages the fan club ethos. Additionally, celebrities can schedule two-way chat sessions with fans, creation of a Birthday Wall where fans can send players a birthday message (which the player can respond to – usually over Twitter) or visa versa.
  • Mobile Scratch cards quizzes, lotteries & competitions offering your fans the chance to win prizes, kit, tickets to games etc.

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